Do You Catch My Drift?

The AUD/USD 1 hour chart shows a clear Asian drift last week.

What if you created a trading system based on one simple principle? What if you observed a market behavior that was so consistent that you almost always knew what was going to happen that day? Well, many traders have done just this, and many of these traders incorporate what I call the Asian Drift … [Read more...]

Gold Kangaroo

Gold Kangaroos can be great trade setups.

Last week the XAU/USD - also known as "Gold" - traded down to the 1688 level and printed a brilliant Bullish Kangaroo Tail (buy signal). If you are not quite sure what I am talking about, you can go to the Naked Trading Forum and see several of these beauties unfolding in real time. Traders … [Read more...]

The Kangaroos Are Out at the Forum

NakedForexNow Trading Forum

I would love for you to join us at the new Naked Trading Forum. We will be discussing current trades, naked trading systems, money management, trading psychology and other stuff. I consider this an early Halloween Gift, right now you can go register for free. I hope to see you there! (There are … [Read more...]

CAD/JPY Trade Idea

Trendy Kangaroos are a good way to capture a move during a strongly trending market.

The CAD/JPY has recently found support at the 84.17 level. I think this level will now serve as resistance. I am going to sell this pair now and put my stop loss up at 84.75. Where do you think this pair might next find support? I think that the yellow boxes might give us a hint. I think it is quite … [Read more...]