The Personal Trading Program is a great place to start if you want to

  1.  identify your beliefs about the market and
  2.  create a trading system around these beliefs. I’m amazed at how often traders try and copy another trader’s method of trading. This usually never lasts, as our beliefs start to creep in, and before you know it we are trading a completely different system.

Don’t fight this tendency, embrace it and trade a system that fits your beliefs. This is the only way to long-term trading success.

The Acapulco Trade Course is useful for naked (price action) traders interested in pinpointing high probability break out trades… the first three videos are available for free here.

The Daily Trader is a great place to get trading systems, trading psychology tricks, money management tips and a video about trading every day for the next year. Also – I have roped in two of the best traders I know, and all three of us post video updates of our live trades…

All Daily Trader members get access to the Naked Trading Forum, where you can connect with other naked traders and pick up some techniques and tools..